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Peugeot Check Plus for just £15

Give your Peugeot the go-ahead with a Peugeot Check Plus. 

The weather is ever changing and now that it’s colder, the road conditions have changed. Keep the wheels turning on your Peugeot with a check plus. 

The Check Plus is a 29 point comprehensive check created by the experts at Peugeot. Give yourself total confidence in challenging driving conditions for just £15! 

What does a Check Plus include? 

Lights/Electrics  Brakes/Hubs
Check External Lights  Check Brake Fluid Condition/Temperature
Check Internal Lights Check Master Cylinder/Servo
Check Horn  Check Linings - Pads/Shoes
Check Wipers and Washers Check Discs/Drums
Check Heating Ventilation and AC Check Hoses/Pipes/Cables/Wheel Bearings
External/Internal Underside
Check Brake Noise/Feel Check Exhaust System/Catalyst
Check Clutch/Transmission Operation Check Steering/Suspension
Check Engine Noise/Smoke  Check Drive Shafts/Gaitors
Check Glass/Mirrors Check For Oil Leaks
Check Seat Belts - Security and Operation   
Under Bonnet  Wheels/Tyres
Check Fluid Levels - Oil/Coolant/Screenwash  Check Nearside Front 
Check For Fluid Leaks - Oil/Water Check Offside Front
Check Battery - Condition/Security Check Nearside rear
Check Drive Belts Check Offside rear
  Check Tyre Inflation Kit
  Check Tyre Pressures

If we find anything that needs to be brought to your attention during the check, a member of staff will discuss this with you before carrying out any work. 

Also included in the check is a 500ml top-up of key fluids, including: 

  • Engine Oil
  • Brake Fluid 
  • Coolant
  • Screen Wash 
  • Power Steering 

Anything needed over the 500ml amount, will be quoted and agreed before being topped up further. 


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