Winterise your Motorhome with Day's!

Winterise your Motorhome with Day's!

Added: 30 October 2019

Motorhome Winterising

Whenever you’re not using your motorhome through the winter months, a good drain down is essential to avoid the dangers of freezing water pipes, tanks or taps bursting. There’s plenty more you can do to make winters as comfortable as possible for your motorhome.

Very few motorhome owners can claim their vehicles are fully winterised, so a bit of diligence is needed – especially if ambient temperatures really do plummet.

Did you know that most of the damage done to motorhomes happens over the winter months?

Most of it is completely preventable if owners took the most basic of precautions when they winterise their vans. Repairs and replacement parts don’t come cheap, so book your Winterise Service at Day’s before the grass and pavements start turning white with frost and snow.

Not only will you save time, but you might end up saving money! Relax and let the professionals do the work for you!

So why not book your Motorhome in for a Winterising Service at Day’s!

Book now for only £39.99

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