Will Closed-Road Motorsport be Coming to Wales? Have Your Say!

Added: 08 August 2017

The Welsh Government has launched a consultation on adopting the closed-road motorsport legislation that commenced in England on 10th April.

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Since April this year, regulations in England allow motor racing events to take place on the public highway, subject to a local authority order. Although closed-roads events take place annually in some parts of the British Isles, including the Isle of Man and the Isle of Mull, events on the mainland have been more difficult to arrange.

Traditionally, each Road Traffic Act suspension or amendment (necessary to permit competing vehicles to travel above the speed limits on mainland roads) has required an Act of Parliament. Understandably, this prohibits many motor clubs from even conceiving the idea of a closed road race - with time and money in short supply.

Now the Welsh Assembly is consulting on proposed regulations that would allow The Motor Sports Association and The Auto Cycle Union to issue permits for motor racing on public highways in Wales.

Rob Jones,Chief Executive at the
Motor Sports Association, said: “As the governing body we urge Wales to adopt the closed-roads legislation already introduced in England. This would further enhance the country’s reputation as a world-leading motorsport venue, known in particular for hosting the types of events that would benefit most from this new development.

“We strongly encourage all those in the Welsh motorsport community to respond to this consultation and to share it far and wide to maximise the response. Strong and positive feedback will deliver a clear message to the Welsh Government that this is a great opportunity to boost a proud part of the country’s sporting heritage.”

At Day’s we’ll be watching this story as it develops and we can’t wait to discover what the outcome will be. The consultation document asks five questions and has a closing date of 29 August 2017. For further updates, make sure you are following us on
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