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WhatTyre: Tyre of the year 2021

WhatTyre’s inaugural trye of the year awards are designed to celebrate the best tyres on the market for drivers. They focus on tyres that offer the best performance characteristics for regular drivers, those of us who commute to work regularly (or used to), or chauffeur the children here, there and everywhere. 

WhatTyre’s chosen tyre of the year winner is the all season Goodyear-Vector 4seasons Gen-3.
The Goodyear Vector 4 seasons is available in 50 different fitments and more. The tyre is equipped with Winter driving capabilities and A-rated fuel efficiency making it a worthy winner. 

All season tyres are a great option for UK drivers due to our moderate climate, the tyre ensures year round mobility. We are proud to stock and sell Goodyear tyres. 

We currently have a fantastic offer available on Goodyear tyres, click here to find out more.

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