Top Tips for a Smoother Commute

Top Tips for a Smoother Commute

Added: 12 June 2019

Early mornings, late evenings, jam-packed schedules… our working days can be tiring enough, without taking into account our actual commute. With this in mind, Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards has offered his top tips on how to ensure you have a smooth, stress-free journey to and from work.

1. Check your route. Are there any incidents or roadworks that can cause delay? If there are, can you take another way to work?

2. What’s the weather going to be like? Checking the weather beforehand can give you an idea of when to leave. Not only this, it can prepare you for your journey, so you don’t feel anxious about getting to work on time.

3. Stay alert. Driving on a busy road can be intense. Make sure you regularly check your mirrors for any motorcycles or cyclists that are passing or filtering. Busy roads can also mean your vision is limited, so be sure to look out for any pedestrians crossing the road.

4. Check your car on a weekly basis. Commuting to work on a daily basis can take its toll on your car. That’s why you need to give it the care it needs. Make sure you check your oil and fluid levels as well as lights, tyre pressure and condition every week.

If you’re in any doubt about the condition of your vehicle, the service team at Day’s will be able to help you.

Richard says, “Our daily commute can become the time we pay the least attention to our driving - don’t let yourself become complacent. Plan it as if it was a new adventure each day and try to keep your concentration levels up.”

At Day’s Motor Group, we think these tips from IAM RoadSmart are crucial in making sure your commute is a safe one. Of course, if you want to make sure it’s a comfortable or luxurious one, you could think of upgrading. Whenever you decide to change your car, our sales teams will be ready to help. Visit your nearest branch to find out what’s on offer, or click on the links below...

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