Top 10 Most Expensive Private Plates Ever Sold

Top 10 Most Expensive Private Plates Ever Sold

Added: 16 July 2019

The DVLA is celebrating 30 years of personalised registration sales and as part of it, they have released at top ten list of their budget popping plates.

Read on to find out just how much people have spent on their number plates over the years...




25 O


November 2014

1 D


March 2009

51 NGH


April 2006

1 RH


November 2008



December 1993



May 2015

1 O


January 2009

1 A


December 1989

1 OO


April 2006

2 O


March 2009

Since the DVLA first started selling personalised plates in 1989, there have been 5.9 million sold. The first ever auction was held at Christie’s in London and it saw just 74 lots offered for sale. The first ever lot was “99 MG”, which sold for a whopping £8,000.

It’s clear to see that the sale of personalised registrations brings in a great deal of money to the Treasury. Last year alone, they brought in £116 million, most of which came from the thousands of more affordable registrations available, which are priced from £250.

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