The Fiat Panda turns 40!

The Fiat Panda turns 40!

Added: 24 June 2020

The Fiat Panda Hybrid Model.

This year the italian icon the Fiat panda turns 40! Since its unveil in 1980 the Fiat Panda and all its variations has sold over 284,000 units. 

The first generation Fiat Panda.

In 1980 Fiat launched an all new three door, five seat hatchback designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The name Panda was in honour of the roman goddess and patroness of travellers, Emmpanda. At launch the panda consisted of a single 4 cylinder, 903cc, 45hp engine with a four speed manual gearbox. When it first went on sale in the UK it was priced at £2,860.

The first generation Panda was discontinued in the UK in 1995. The second generation Panda was introduced into the UK in 2004, a 5 door model with a rounded exterior and higher driving stance. The 4x4 version joined the range in 2005 with unique bumpers and roof rails. Production of the second generation ended in January 2012 to make way for the third.

The Fiat Panda second generation.

The third generation Panda arrived in February 2012, an all new 5 door hatchback with a more rounded look. The third generation had few variants including the Panda Cross and Panda City Cross.

The third generation Fiat Panda.

The newest entrant to the Panda line-up is the Hybrid model which launched earlier this year. The Panda Hybrid model is one of our favourite versions of the iconic Panda, which one is yours? 

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