Six Tips For Safer Summer Journeys

Added: 11 July 2018

So far this summer, we have enjoyed unprecedented amounts of sunshine here in Wales! Whilst some people may enjoy relaxing in the heat, we do still have to go about our usual business and for many, that includes a spending a great deal of time in the car.

So how can we ensure that our summer journeys and commutes are as safe as possible?

According to the head of of driving and riding standards at IAM Roadsmart, Richard Gladman, there are six things to bear in mind…

  1. Plan your journey, so you know when and where to take breaks (if applicable) and check for any traffic problems before you leave.
  2. Check your tyre pressures, tread depth and condition weekly. You should also check fluids - replenish screen wash, but if other fluids are low you should check for underlying problems.
  3. Always keep a bottle of water in your car. It’s essential to stay hydrated to maintain concentration and control body temperature.
  4. When driving, fatigue can slowly kick in - especially when it’s hot. Your concentration starts to slip after two hours, so take regular 15 minute breaks.
  5. Make good use of your sun visor to help block out any glare and if that doesn’t work for you, invest a decent pair of sunglasses.
  6. Put together an emergency kit; some snacks and a charger for your mobile phone.. Some entertainment for any younger passengers may make the journey less stressful too.

Richard said, ”Preparation is key to an enjoyable trip. A well maintained car and a fully fit and prepared body can make the difference between a pleasant drive in the country and a nightmare journey to be endured.”

Interestingly, Richard goes on to state that “Whilst the trip may be about the destination it is much better if the journey is enjoyable too.” Here at Day’s we totally agree and if you decide that your journeys just aren’t as fun or comfortable as they once were - we’re here for  you when you decide to upgrade or repair your vehicle. Click on the links below for more info...

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