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Peugeot Celebrate 210th Anniversary

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On 26th September 2020, Peugeot will be celebrating 210 years of passion and innovation! Back on 26th September 1810, the PEUGEOT Frères Aînés company was officially founded. Since then, Peugeot have been involved in a number of industries like fashion, cars and bicycles.

To help celebrate this significant anniversary, the Peugeot Design Lab have created a bespoke logo especially which will feature in all marketing from 26th September.

The new logo features Peugeot’s brand ambassador, the Lion, and an underlined arrow which references Peugeot’s oldest existing logo from 1858. It symbolises the three qualities of the Peugeot saw blades created at the very beginning of the brand: flexibility, strength and cutting speed. The arrow represents the notion of speed.

To join in the celebrations, visit Peugeot’s social networking pages on 26th September where they will be broadcasting a film focusing on the history of their brand! Find the links to their pages below:

If you have your own bit of Peugeot history you’d like to share, post it on social media using the dedicated hashtag #210YEARSWITHPEUGEOT.


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