Overview: The 308 GTi - A Modern and Talented Hot Hatch

Added: 06 April 2017

“The modern hot hatch is a more talented creature than ever before. Take the 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport; an outwardly unassuming car that can transport people and large objects in cosseting comfort, yet could also take apart a great road more ably than most supercars”, writes James Taylor at Car magazine.

“Putting nearly 270hp through its front tyres, Peugeot’s fastest hot hatch is also its most practical, with a big boot and five doors. Even though the GTi is 11mm lower than standard on 19-inch wheels, and 64 per cent more stiffly sprung at the rear, it still turns bumpy B-roads into Shagpile.

On the road, “the 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport is a great driver’s car. Soft-ish front suspension to bite the Michelins into the tarma on turn-in, and a firm rear, it’s a well-judged chassis. In top 270 spec, you also get a mechanical limited-slip diff, 380mm front discs and 270hp from a small but mighty 1.6-litre turbo four. The Peugeot’s extra turbocharged torque means it punches hard.”

In terms of looks: “Despite a tasty set of alloys the 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport looks demure,” next to the comical Honda Type R Civic. “Many hot hatch owners crave a little of the Peugeot’s smart but understated aesthetic.”

The verdict is a positive one: “After years in the wilderness, the Peugeot hot hatch is back." 

"Everything that made the 306 GTi-6 great – playful handling, supple ride, surprising practicality – applies equally to the 308 GTi. It’s not only good enough to live up to Peugeot’s back catalogue, but  to worry any other car with a GTi badge you care to mention.”

- Source: Car, March 2017

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