Original Equipment (OE) Tyres

Original Equipment (OE) Tyres

Added: 11 July 2019

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Did you know that when you purchase a new car, the tyres on it have been specifically tuned to that vehicle?

Original Equipment (OE) tyres are the tyres that a vehicle was originally equipped with from the factory. These tyres are developed in close collaboration with car manufacturers and experts. OE tyres are the equivalent of a custom -tailored suit.

All cars are created differently, there are an array of makes, models and sizes available on the market right now. Therefore each car requires a different set of wheels tuned to their specific needs. OE tyres are tested by the manufacturers to ensure they meet demanding safety and performance standards. Safety is the main priority for original equipment. However, these tyres are also designed to enhance vehicle performance and ensure the car functions in the way that the manufacturer intended.

Designing a tyre that is the best for a specific vehicle can take years to finish. There are approximately one hundred features required from the tyres for optimum performance. These are determined by the manufacturers and what they require the car to have. A luxury vehicle will be required to have tyres that are smooth and quiet on the road. A fast vehicle will require tyres that allow the car to accelerate quickly.

We recommend that you replace your tyres with the original equipment.

  • These tyres were designed specifically for your vehicle, therefore it will help maintain the driving style and performance.
  • Your safety won’t be compromised.
  • Your car will continue to perform the same way as when you first purchased.

Your tyre sidewalls contain a lot of the information needed, such as the tyre size and product name. This will help when purchasing the same tyres again.

Please note, not every car will be fitted with original equipment.

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