Mountune reveal two new tuning kits for the Mk3 Ford Focus RS.

Mountune reveal two new tuning kits for the Mk3 Ford Focus RS.

Added: 22 August 2019

Mountune has launched a new pair of tuning kits for the Mk3 Ford Focus RS, with the most powerful version offering a maximum power output of 513bhp. 

The two kits the M450 and M520 feature larger turbochargers, reworked exhaust systems and upgraded ECUs. 

Mountune are Ford’s only approved tuning partner, they offer high quality engine and performance parts. An excellent way to enhance your Ford’s appearance and performance. 

Mountune parts also come with their own warranty which is either 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Mountune’s M450 package swaps the Focus RS’ standard turbocharger with a larger BorgWarner EFR-6758 unit.  The pack also contains a cast turbo adapter, stronger stainless steel hose clamps, a high flow catalytic convertor and new silicone joiners. 

The package increases the RS’ output to 444bhp and 580Nm of torque. 

The second package is the M520, this includes all of the upgrades from the M450, with the addition of an even bigger turbo - the BorgWarner EFR-7163. As well as uprated fuel pump, a reworked valve train and a revised set of camshafts. Once fitted, the Focus RS will have a total output of 513bhp and 700Nm of torque. 

To maintain the safety and reliability of the Focus RS’ four cylinder engine, Mountune stress that buyers must replace the engine’s standard connecting rods and pistons with forged replacements. Mountune also recommend fitting an uprated intercooler, a free-flowing intake and a three inch exhaust system. 

At our Ford workshop, we offer full fitting on all Mountune kits with fully trained Ford mechanics. 

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