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Ford Europe builds "Very Gay Raptor" in response to internet troll

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"Very Gay Raptor" at Pride

Ford Europe have created a “Very Gay Raptor” in response to homophobic trolls on social media, the LGBQT+ version of the popular pick up truck was made and attended the Cologne Pride event last weekend. 

When Ford Germany unveiled the new blue Ford Ranger Raptor, it got plenty of admiration, but there was one comment that Ford said stopped them in their tracks. One individual on social media didn’t like the colour, commenting “Well… that’s a cool car! - but that blue colour is very Gay!!” and then continuing to comment “Hey Ford! Paint it in BlackNGold or camo!”.

Ford Europe came up with a fantastic response to this comment and in a video released on Twitter, they revealed the new and improved “Very Gay Raptor. Take a look at the brilliant video here. In a statement released by Ford, they said they wanted to make their position against discriminatory language very clear. 

In the video made for Twitter, the truck gets a digital makeover featuring gold glitter paint and a huge rainbow. However, Ford didn’t just stop there, they then went ahead and gave the Ranger a real-life makeover. The “Very Gay Raptor” was wrapped in 30 metres of rainbow and gold glitter Alpha foil and then finished with heart and rainbow decals. 

In 1998 the manufacturer wrapped a Ford KA in rainbow colours to commemorate their first time attending Cologne Pride. Both vehicles were featured side by side as the city celebrated over the weekend, with the Raptor used as the official Ford parade vehicle.

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