Join the PERKS programme today!

Join the PERKS programme today!

Added: 23 April 2019

What is Perks?

PERKS is a unique reward programme brought to you by Distrigo. It’s a way for our customers to get something out of the purchases they make. Earn points every time you buy from your Distrigo Parts Distributor. Every pound you spend on parts* a point is earned (one pound = one point). So the more you spend, the more you earn.

Why join Perks?

You can spend the points on anything you like at or use them to purchase essential workshop items at Snap-on. Not only this, but there are fantastic weekly and monthly competitions offering amazing prices to make your purchases more worthwhile.

Last year perks gave away £160,000 worth of prizes, including trips to Paris and helicopter rides. You don’t want to miss out on these fantastic prizes!

Join perks today and you could be a winner.

How to join:

1: Visit

2: Sign up and activate your account - Input your account number and select Day’s of Garngoch as your supplier.

3: Buy parts and start earning

Any questions? Speak to your local sales representative or call us on: 01792 222100

*Excludes body parts and consumables.

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