Added: 15 August 2019

The new IVECO S-WAY truck is set to be the truck every driver will desire. Designed specifically around their needs, the new cab is spacious, comfortable and packed with advanced technology.

Its advanced connectivity makes the IVECO S-Way a 100% connected truck; drivers are always connected with their fleet management, IVECO support specialists and the IVECO dealer network, so they’re never alone on the road.

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The new cab has been completely redesigned to provide increased fuel efficiency of up to 4%, lower Total Cost of Owernship (TCO) and better driver safety. The exterior has been reconfigured to deliver minimal air resistance. Features include:

  • Perfectly integrated new roof
  • Front grille with high radius corners and side fins
  • New multi-piece bumper with integrated deflectors
  • Optimised aerodynamic kit and side skirts with rubber extensions
  • Full LED headlights
  • New door design with step extension
  • Integrated parking cooler

The IVECO S-WAY’s cab has also been totally redesigned to provide drivers with first-class living, driving and working conditions. Features include:

  • Adjustable seat
  • Multifunctional steering wheel
  • Ergonomic controls layout
  • New dashboard and central console
  • New Start/Stop engine button
  • New Infotainment System – voice recognition, DAB radio, Apple Car Play
  • Spacious storage compartments
  • Functional & comfortable sleeping area
  • 2.15 metre standing height in cabin centre

The IVECO S-WAY delivers the highest level of connectivity, designed to support logistics operators and fleet managers by optimising the vehicle’s uptime, fuel efficiency and Total Cost of Owernship. It also assists the driver in operating their vehicle efficiently and effortlessly, further enhancing the driving experience.

Drivers also have the use of the new IVECO EASY app, which is designed to facilitate the driver’s life on board, allowing them to operate the entire cabin and vehicle management functionalities on their mobile device. This app also enables drivers to activate the Assistance No-Stop service, access remote diagnostics data and view the Driving Style Evaluation tool.

The IVECO S-WAY offers a wide choice of Euro VI/d diesel and natural gas engines to suit all drivers needs. Both the diesel and natural power engines deliver top-class power, with ratings of 330 to 570 for diesel, and 340 to 460 for natural gas.

Fuel-Saving Devices

·         Smart EGR increases combustion efficiency by optimising injection timing and reducing consumption

·         Smart Engine Auxiliaries prevent energy waste when their operation is not needed

·         The Anti-diling features avoids long periods of idling, automatically shutting off the engine

The IVECO HI-CRUISE GPS predictive driving system combines driving assistance operations such as eco-roll, predictive gear shifting and predictive cruise control using state-of-the-art GPS mapping technology.

The Natural Way

The IVECO S-WAY NP is the first gas-fuelled truck in the market that is purely designed for international long-haul transport with a tremendous range of up to 1,600km. It also maximises the advantages of the most environmentally-friendly fuel to improve air quality and climate change. With the ability to run in Piek Quiet Truck in Silent Mode, emitting just 71dB(A), the IVECO S-WAY NP is ideal for night-time delivery drivers.

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