Give your Ford a winter warmer.

Give your Ford a winter warmer.

Added: 04 December 2019

Looking after your vehicle is important all year round, but especially during the cold winter months. Is your Ford ready for the winter months ahead? Ensure it is with a comprehensive Winter check. 

For just £19.99 you can have a comprehensive Ford winter check.

A Winter check includes: 

  • A 30 point comprehensive check

  • Ford video check - You can see your car in the workshop and any work being carried out.

  • Essential fluids check and top up 

  • Anti-freeze top up 

With the latest Ford diagnostic equipment and tools specifically designed for Ford vehicles, your Ford will be in the best hands possible. 

Winter time can be the harshest time of year on your vehicle, so this check helps ensure your car is in the best condition for the cold weather and extra time spent travelling.

Still unsure if this check is neccesary for you?  Click here to contact our Ford service advisors today. 

*Ford Video Check is a visual only inspection. Your participating Ford Dealer may recommend that certain essential work be carried out on the grounds of safety before you drive your vehicle. Decision of the participating Ford Dealer is binding and final in all matters. Fluid levels will be topped-up to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended levels and are limited to half a litre of coolant, half a litre of screen wash and 1 litre of engine oil. Additional quantities of fluid will be charged accordingly with customer’s consent. Should a fault be identified as the reason for a fluid top-up being required then further investigation would be necessary and therefore fluid top-up will not be included.

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