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Have you downloaded the FordPass app? 

Pair the FordPass app with FordPass Connect to unlock an assortment of smart features. Once paired, your vehicle will communicate with the outside world, updating you with information about your vehicle and keeping you on the move in intelligent ways.

Remote locking

Never worry if you forget to lock the car again, with the FordPass app you can lock and unlock from anywhere. 

Remote start

A cold frosty morning and you’re running late for work? You can get the car heated and the windows cleared before you’ve finished your morning coffee. Remote start allows your Ford to be ready when you are.


Securialert is a new feature that puts your vehicle in a heightened state of security. If the doors are unlocked or opened in any way, a notification will be sent straight to your phone.

Vehicle location

Find your car easily with FordPass, it will show you your car's last recorded location.

Local hazard information

Data connected from other connected vehicles is designed to let you know about hazards before you even reach them. Based on other drivers' behaviour it will identify issues such as roadworks or traffic jams. It will even reroute you automatically if there is a traffic jam to a clearer route.

Get in and go

You’ve planned where you’re going before you even leave the house, let your car know with the FordPass app. Find your destination on the app and send it straight to your vehicle, the directions will then be ready and waiting.

Roadside assistance

Get help on the road and get on with your day. From the app, they’ll be given your precise location and information on your vehicle, so they’ll know the issue before they even arrive.

Health alerts & status

You can view your vehicle’s health status, with accurate updates on the vital things such as fluid levels and tyre pressure.

Intelligent insurance

The FordPass app can help you save money on your insurance premium. All you need to do is share your vehicle data with your insurer, then they will offer you a premium that’s based on your driving.

Charging station finder

You can easily find charging stations nearby with information on charger types through the FordPass app

Charging status

You can track your Ford’s charging status on the app and receive a notification when it hits your desired charge level, meaning you can walk away and carry on with your activities.

Check your range

Intelligent range uses your driving behaviour, the weather forecast and crowdsourced data to accurately predict how much range you will have left. Helping you to plan your journey efficiently and avoid surprise charging stops. 

Departure times

By setting a departure time, the app will automatically make sure the vehicle is charged beforehand, warm and ready to go.

EV Trip planner

Set your destination and the FordPass app will figure out the best route and plan where you can charge along the way if needed.

Pay for charging

Manage your charging through FordPass. Link your preferred payment method to your Ford account and charge away with the FordPass Charging Network. Included with your FordPass Charging Card is a 5 year FordPass Charging Network trial and 1 years access to potential Ionity rates.

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