Ford Ranger Raptor’s ‘Breadcrumbs’ Satnav Tech Ensures Off-Road Drivers Can Retrace Their Tyre Tracks

Ford Ranger Raptor’s ‘Breadcrumbs’ Satnav Tech Ensures Off-Road Drivers Can Retrace Their Tyre Tracks

Added: 20 August 2019

Hansel and Gretel used breadcrumbs to retrace their steps, so why can’t the Ford Ranger Raptor too?

When driving cross-country, landmarks and tracks can be hard to find, and everyday satnavs may struggle to assist you. There’s no need to worry in the new Ford Ranger Raptor – its satellite navigation system drops a virtual pin every second so that drivers can easily return to their starting point.

Click here to watch Ford's video explanation on how the "Breadcrumbs" Satnav works.

“Whether it’s for work or for sheer adventure, the new Raptor loves being let loose off-road,” says Leo Roeks, director of Ford Performance. “Breadcrumb navigation is a simple but effective way to help drivers know exactly how to retrace their route no matter where they are.”

With more than 26,700 sales in the first half of 2019, the Ford Ranger is Europe’s most popular pickup. The new Ranger Raptor, which is developed by Ford Performance, is designed to tackle the most challenging of off-road terrains in the world. Powered by a Bi-turbo version of Ford’s 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine, with a race-bred suspension featuring FOX shock absorbers, the Raptor is available to order now. Get yours at Day’s FordStore, Swansea!

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