Ford Manufacturing Ventilators for NHS

Ford Manufacturing Ventilators for NHS

Added: 15 May 2020

In just three weeks, Ford have put together a production facility in Dagenham to help make ventilators for COVID-19 patients in the NHS; a process that would normally take 12 months! This is part of the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium – a collaboration between leading tech and engineering companies to deliver 15,000 much-needed Penlon Prima ES02 ventilators that the NHS will use for critically ill COVID-19 patients. 

To quickly establish a production line, Ford converted their Dagenham Engine Plant estate into an ISO9001 accredited facility and repurposed existing equipment. 3D printing processes were also employed to make key components for 200 workstations to help adhere to social distancing requirements. 

More than 650 Ford volunteers have come together to produce the components boxes and display screens that will form part of the device. With the help of virtual reality headsets, volunteers can assist one another through the production with zero physical contact. 

“It took many late nights and a lot of hard work, but the ingenuity and commitment of our people has been just remarkable, and it shows how a crisis can bring out the best in us,” said Graham Hoare, Chairman, Ford of Britain. “The way they have sacrificed time with family and also been so willing to learn something new to help build these life-saving devices is full testimony to their desire to deliver, and it makes me very proud to be part of this team.” 

“There’s no hierarchy in a time of crisis. People just work together for a common goal. By working closesly with Penlon and medical practitioners, we quickly bridged the gap to go from making engines to making ventilators, and together with our partners in the consortium we’re now producing a device by the thousands that’s normally made in small quantities,” said Martin Everitt, Plant Manager, Dagenham Engine Plant, Ford of Britain. 

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