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Introducing the new Special Edition Ford Fiesta ST Edition

Ford Fiesta ST

Ford have unveiled a new, special edition version of the acclaimed Fiesta ST with only 300 built to order in the UK featuring adjustable suspension for the ultimate road and track performance, as well as exclusive styling details. 

The special edition Fiesta features a unique Azura Blue exterior finish and high gloss black detailing on certain elements such as the roof spoiler, rear diffuser and for the first time the ST badge. The interior will feature bespoke blue stitching, carbon fibre effect detailing and a new Ford Performance steering wheel with direct access to Sport Drive Mode with a dedicated button.

The multi award winning hot hatch has been enhanced with an adjustable coilover suspension system that enables customisation of cornering, road holding and ride height characteristics for true performance driving enthusiasts. The two-way adjustable coilover suspension system features twin tube stainless steel damper housings and powder coated springs. Ride height can be lowered 15mm at the front, 10mm at the rear and is adjustable. 

The ST also features 12 ‘bump’ settings - the degree of upward damper movement allowed as the wheel contacts a bump in the road , and 16 rebound settings - the speed at which the damper returns to position after an upward movement, putting the driver in complete control of cornering responses. 

The most rewarding, agile and confident Fiesta driving experience yet due to the standard 10 spoke flow-formed, 18” alloy wheels that reduce unsprung weight of almost 2 kilograms compared to the standard Fiesta ST.. 

Interested? This vehicle will be available from our Fordstore in Swansea, early 2021

For more information and to speak to a member of the sales team, click here.

New Ford Fiesta ST


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