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What is E10 fuel?

Changing to E10 fuel

A new more eco-friendly petrol is being introduced at UK filling stations from today. The fuel will now be the new standard grade of petrol. 

The greener fuel contains less carbon than other fuels and more ethanol, a kind of alcohol manufactured from plants. The new E10 petrol will contain 10% ethanol, 90% regular unleaded petrol. The petrol known as E5 that is being replaced contained just 5% ethanol. This new mix could cut transport CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off UK roads. 

All petrol vehicles built after 2011 should be compatible with E10. However, if you have a vehicle older than that or you’re just unsure you can check using the Government’s E10 online checker tool. 

If your vehicle is not compatible with E10, don’t worry you can still fill up using super grade unleaded which will be the same E5 mix but a little bit more expensive. E10 will not be more expensive at the pump than current standard petrol. However, it can marginally impact fuel economy by about 1% so drivers can expect their annual fuel bills to rise by around £30 a year. 

If you need any assistance on knowing if your vehicle is suitable to use E10 fuel, please speak to your vehicle’s manufacturer.

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