Drive Safe During COVID-19 Outbreak

Drive Safe During COVID-19 Outbreak

Added: 16 April 2020

If you’ve ventured out in your car on your essential journey, you will have noticed that the roads are very quiet. Since government enforced the lockdown, data shows traffic levels have dropped by around 60% and according to The Times, even ‘rush hour’ has disappeared. Despite this, we want to remind people that now is a more important time than ever to drive safely.

There have been concerns that the reduced traffic levels have led to drivers speeding. Police have recorded one driver travelling at 91mph in a 50mph zone and another driving 118mph on a 70mph section!

Not only is excessive speed illegal, it is very dangerous. Police say speeding is one of the ‘fatal four’ causes of road traffic collisions, as well as drink-driving, use of mobile phones and not wearing a seatbelt. In 2018, Department for Transport recorded 177 deaths caused by exceeding the speed limit and 1,257 serious injuries.

NHS Capacity

During the current pandemic, the NHS is under significant pressure and they must focus on patients who really need their help. For the foreseeable future, hospitals may become overwhelmed with patients affected by COVID-19. By driving safely, you can help free up paramedics and hospitals to deal with the very sick.


Police forces across the country are busy enforcing social distancing guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Their resources should be focussed on this rather than dealing with drivers speeding unnecessarily or being called to a tragic road collision.


Many members of public are taking to the streets for their daily exercise by walking, jogging or cycling. In built up areas it is difficult to share pathways, so many pedestrians will cross the street or walk in the road to avoid being too close to other people. This means there is a higher risk of colliding with somebody when speeding.

Parked Cars

Lots of people are working from home during lockdown, meaning residential streets are jam-packed with cars. Because of this, drivers will find it harder to see pedestrians crossing the street between parked vehicles – another reason to drive safely within the speed limit.

We hope road users take this into consideration when driving on their essential journeys.

Drive safe and take care!

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