Have you downloaded the fantastic Ford Pass app yet?

Have you downloaded the fantastic Ford Pass app yet?

Added: 19 August 2019

Ford have created an app that amplifies your ownership experience. With a multitude of functions, it’s something that you and your phone needs.

Find Parking

Fed up of driving round in circles looking for a good car park? You can search and book parking with the Ford Pass app, it even gives prices.

Ford Credit

Stay on top of your vehicle’s finances and manage them through the app. Ford finance the fast and easy way.

Service Information and Booking

Quick and easy booking system at your fingertips. You can also view your vehicle’s service history and information.

Seamless driving

Real time live traffic updates. This is Ford’s most accurate and up to date navigation system, so you never have an excuse to be late again.

Ford Pass Guides

Help and advice is always available, through the live chat feature or one touch dial to speak to someone directly. Self help articles are also available for the more independent of people.

Instant access to a Hertz 24/7 Ford Transit.

Ever got carried away in Ikea and realised you can’t fit everything into your car? With the Ford Pass app you have instant access to hire a Ford Transit even for just an hour! Quick and easy access to make moving bulky purchases easier.

Ford Pass Connect

If your vehicle is equipped with a connect modem, you can have access to a whole realm of added extras.

Key Features Include:

  • Check fluid and fluid levels

  • Check fuel levels

  • Find fuel garages and compare prices

  • Health alerts & service reminders

  • Shows your cars exact location - never forget where you parked again.

  • Stop and start at the touch of a button. Start your engine from anywhere - so you never have to get into a cold car again. (Don’t worry - it still requires a key to be driven)

  • Check mileage anywhere at anytime.

Are you a commercial vehicle owner? The FordPass pro app will suit all your needs and more, click here to find out more. 

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