Do You Name Your Car? Here are the Most Popular Fiat 500 Names!

Do You Name Your Car? Here are the Most Popular Fiat 500 Names!

Added: 13 May 2019

With the recent announcement of the Royal Baby name, Fiat has been looking into what Fiat 500 owners call their metal babies - their cars! They’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Fiat 500 names. What name do you think will be the winner? Here are the results…

  1. Fifi
  2. Bella
  3. Luigi
  4. Minty
  5. Freddie

Every Fiat 500 is as individual as the person who drives it and owners enjoy making their cars as unique as themselves. With this in mind, Fiat has allowed Fiat 500 owners to create free personalised stickers for their cars.

With over 3,000 personalised name stickers now delivered, the name Fifi was the clear favourite followed closely by Bella and Luigi. Archie unfortunately has not yet featured amongst the chosen names!

All Fiat 500 owners have to do is visit and enter the name of their car. They can then choose from a selection of 10 colours and Fiat will send them a personalised 500 sticker for free.

Owners will have until 30th June, 2019 to claim their personalised Fiat 500 name sticker. Further name stickers are also available for a small cost, terms and conditions apply.

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