Christmas Tree Transport - How to Avoid a Fine!

Added: 04 December 2018

According to research from Fiat Professional, three quarters of British motorists have little or no idea about the laws for safely transporting Christmas trees. If you’re one of them, make sure you read on to avoid getting into trouble…

Whilst there isn’t anything specific in the Highway Code about travelling with your fir of choice, there is a section about loading your vehicle correctly and safely. As a spokesman for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency explained, “A dangerously loaded vehicle will incur three penalty points on your licence, along with an uncapped fine.”

Around 6% of drivers admit they have previously transported a tree in a manner which ‘may have contravened the rules of the road’ by leaving the tree hanging out of their vehicle, while an astonishing 25% admit to just ‘throwing it in the car’ and not securing it. A further 5% carry the tree home on the roof of their car, irrespective of whether or not they have a roof rack, securing it with rope or ratchet straps.

When the tree is longer than the vehicle, the Highway Code clearly states that the overhanging load should feature a reflective flag to warn other motorists, while it mustn’t obscure the driver’s vision of the road.

Drivers of the new Fiat Professional Fullback and Fullback Cross won’t have this problem though. With comfortable seating for five and a cargo bed space of 1520mm (length) and 1470mm (width), the whole family can go out for the traditional Christmas tree buying trip - and bring it home safely and legally.

Richard Chamberlain, Head of Brand, Fiat Professional UK commented, “The Fiat Fullback would certainly give owners plenty of space to carry a large tree, even if it had to be tied down, which can be done easily and safely with the Fullback’s load space. And as an added bonus, drivers won’t get stuck in the snow if it’s a white Christmas this year. The Fullback comes as standard with 4x4 transmission - with diff lock on the Cross versions.”

If you’d like to treat yourself to a Fiat Fullback this Christmas, why not pay us a visit at Day’s Fiat, Swansea? We’ll be happy to show you around the striking pick-up and we’ll even let you measure it up for your Christmas spruce!

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