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Brits Spend 5.67 Million Hours Each Year Looking for Their Car

We’ve all been there - you come out of a shop and wonder where on Earth you parked your car! Well, you’re not alone…

A recent survey revealed that 52% of motorists have previously been unable to find their parked car temporarily, ‘losing’ it at least once each year! 25% of drivers admitted to doing so twice in the last 12 months, with 14% saying they misplaced their vehicle three or more times.

On average, females turned out to be most forgetful, with 16% losing their car more than three times, while just 12% of male drivers did. Drivers aged 18-25 admitted to losing their car on average 2.5 times a year! Whilst motorists over the age of 66 just 0.82 times a year.

The most common places for misplacing a car were shopping centre car parks (58%), supermarkets (36%), airports (21%) and events/festivals (12%).

Does this sound like you? Then we’ve got a solution for you – the FordPass app!

The FordPass app is packed full of useful features to help unlock your car’s full potential, but most importantly it'll help you to never lose your car again! If your Ford is equipped with a built-in modem, this handy app will be able to tell you the exact location of your parked vehicle, meaning no more traipsing around car parks for hours!

Other handy features allow you to:

  • Access and manage your Ford Credit finance
  • Book a service
  • Access live traffic updates

If you already have a Ford, click here to download for iOS or click here to download for Android.

If you're new to Ford and would like to find out more about our range, click below:

The survey was conducted on behalf of ŠKODA UK by OnePoll and was issued to 2,000 UK motorists between 07/04/2020 – 09/04/2020.


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