Britain Works On Tyres

Britain Works On Tyres

Added: 25 July 2019

There are now more than four million vans on Britain’s roads. The tyres on vans and light commercial vehicles have a lot of pressure placed on them. From carrying heavy loads to driving on rough terrain, vans place high demands on their tyres. 

A van can be crucial to a company’s business, therefore it is vital to carry out regular checks on tyres to make sure they are safe and legal. Any tyre related problems could cause unnecessary downtime or extra repair costs, a quick 5 minute check can save overall downtime and money. 

Overloading the van can also be dangerous. If the van is carrying heavier loads than it was designed for, it will be unstable and putting extra stress on your tyres. The excess weight can alter the shape of the tyre and lead to a build up of heat when it’s being driven, this can cause a catastrophic failure. 

A van’s maximum weight it can carry will be detailed in the handbook along with the tyres’ appropriate load index. You should always ensure your tyres have the right load index for the van. 

The tyre pressure must also be adjusted for the load. It’s not only safer but reduces fuel consumption and emissions, good for business and the environment. 

Each tyre should be inspected for lumps, bumps, cuts or anything out of the ordinary. 

Britain works on tyres but only if the tyres are safe and regularly maintained. 

We hope that this message from tyresafe can help change the attitudes in business owners and drivers to ensure safety on our roads.

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