Accident repair centre

Day's Accident Repair Centres in Swansea.

Our Accident Repair Centre is situated in Garngoch, Swansea.

Contact us by clicking here for our Garngoch centre.

Garngoch - Tel: 01792 222111 

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To find out more about ‘Excess Waiver’, just watch the video below or feel free to contact us for more information.

 Garngoch Accident Centre: Tel: 01792 222111 

Accident Repair

Our Repair Process:

  • Step 1 - Your vehicle will be assessed by one of our estimators.
  • Step 2 - An estimated price will be compiled and sent to your insurance company along with the imagery of the damage.
  • Step 3 - If the repairs are viable we will obtain authority from your insurance company, get the parts ordered and start repairing your vehicle.  

(If the damage is beyond economical repair, your insurance will contact you direct and agree a settlement).

  • Step 4 - Once we have the go ahead from your insurer, you will then receive an estimated completion date for your vehicle.
  • Step 5 - Upon completion, your vehicle will receive a final quality control check.
  • Step 6 - Your vehicle will be washed, vacuumed  and prepared for its return to you.
  • Step 7 - Your vehicle will be made available for either collection or delivery back to you, if applicable.
  • Step 8 - Happy Days, a happy customer!

Note: We offer repairs for any make or model and not just through insurance companies.  If your vehicle is damaged and would like a quote, 
please don't hesitate to contact our Garngoch centre with any questions.

Garngoch - Tel: 01792 222111

Ford Accident Management

Ford Accident Management

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Accidents do happen, should you be involved in a major or minor scrape, here are a few things about our Accident Repair Centres to consider:

  • All repairs are to the very highest quality standards guaranteed
  • All technicians are factory and Day’s trained
  • Latest vehicle repair and alignment systems are
    vital to a sound repair
  • Strict independent quality audits carried out by our manufactures’ Companies and approved insurance companies                                           

In the event of an accident, phone Ford Accident Management first on: 0800 587 FORD

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